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Take 3 for the Sea

The Game Changer: $150 Card and Exclusive Ocean Photograph

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This beautifully designed digital card isn’t just a gift – it's a pledge to support cleaner, thriving oceans. Each card you choose to gift is a positive step towards healthy oceans and so, too, all life on earth.   

Each Digital Card purchased represents a tax-deductible donation to Take 3 for the Sea on your behalf. A tax invoice will be emailed to you separately.  

How it Works: Once you’ve made your purchase, we will email you a beautifully designed digital card. You can either type a personal message directly into the digital card and forward it to your loved one, or you can print it out, write your message on it and give it to them. Either way, you are giving a message of hope – together, we can make plastic pollution a thing of the past.

Special Bonus: In appreciation of your generosity, you'll receive an exclusive digital photograph by acclaimed Aussie photographer Luke Shadbolt. This stunning image captures the awe-inspiring beauty of the ocean, a daily reminder of the precious ecosystem your gift is helping to protect. 


  • Significant Impact: Your generous donation supports larger-scale ocean conservation initiatives. 
  • Eco-Conscious Gifting: A digital card that reflects your deep commitment to environmental sustainability. 
  • Perfect for True Ocean Advocates: Ideal for those who are passionate about making a real difference in marine conservation. 

Step into Your Role: By gifting this $150 card, you become an Ocean’s Guardian. You're not just part of the movement; you're at the forefront, leading the way towards a cleaner, healthier ocean. 

Your Impact: This gift will help Take 3 for the Sea educate a community group. 

Gift this card today and stand tall as a true protector of our seas. Together, we can ensure the enduring legacy of our oceans for generations to come. 

This product is a donation to Take 3 for the Sea.